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Most Beautiful Breasts in Hollywood!

Some of them are gifted more, some less, but their breasts certainly played important role in their career.

Attractive look is the basic imperative of Hollywood, and that includes beautiful breasts. Although, in recent years, many studios are seeking actors with natural look, many actresses have already earned millions, thanks to exuberant breasts which they gladly showed to the audience.

One of them is Pamela Anderson, who, in the early stage of her career, decided to increase her breast size for a few numbers. In time, she realized that she exaggerated so she reduced them and then enlarged them again, and again reduced them. She, herself, said that she has love-hate relationship with her breasts, depending on the current mood.

Prayers help

Owner of one of the most beautiful breasts in the world, in the opinion of many, is Scarlett Johansson, which can boast with lush natural breasts.  But this blonde beauty says that she will, in time, think about lifting them a little bit,  when gravity do its part. 

"I definitely believe in plastic surgery, I don't want to be an old hag. There's no fun in that." - said Scarlett, whose breasts have twice been declared as the most beautiful in Hollywood.

Dense breast are a trademark and of Mexican beauty Salma Hayek. She once admitted that she prayed to God to give her large breasts.

I prayed for the miracle I wanted to happen. I put my hands in holy water and said: 'Please God, give me some breasts'. And he gave me them! Within a few months.” - Salma said. And she definitely has an enviable breasts.

When it comes to natural attributes, we must not omit "Barbie" Jessica Simpson, whose breasts are also envious. Blonde singer and actress swears that her breasts are completely natural, which we really believe her because their size, just as her weight, oscillate.  Two years ago, the magazine "In Touch" named her as the owner of the most beautiful breasts in Hollywood.

Italian beauty Monica Bellucci can also be proud of her perfect natural breasts.  She is not ashamed to show them even today, at the age of 46 and two pregnancies behind her. After all, who would not be proud of such beauty?

Sexy Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry, looks better and better as the years go by, and her breasts still look perfect. The actress claims that she was not subjected to any aesthetic surgery, and that the secret of her irresistible look lies in a healthy diet and lots of exercise. In any case, Halle’s breasts are still a sight for eyes, and men can only be sad because she doesn’t show them in public much often.

Natural or surgery?

For a long time TV actress Jennifer Love Hewitt wore the epithet ‘the most beautiful Hollywood breasts’, although she never showed them, and in their beauty only a few lucky ones were convinced. But, judging by that what we could see, it could be concluded that this cute brunette has breasts for which many women would kill for.

On the other hand, starlet Kim Kardashian, known for her lush attributes, in "front" and at the "back", has long made it clear what she has to offer. And it is a real luxury. Sexy Kim, of course, swears that Mother Nature was very generous with her, but her ex-husband claims that her luxurious appearance is achieved through skilled hands of cosmetic surgeons.

Megan Fox is a sexy girl with great breasts. Although this little doll, and the new Hollywood sex symbol, performed a considerable number of facial plastic surgeries, many are convinced that she did a little work and on her breasts. Megan's breasts look too perfect to be natural, but you never know.

Actress Heather Graham doesn’t have enviable film career, but she has breasts on which many would envy her. This blonde actress, here and there, treats the curious ones with the sight of her naked breasts, and she always leaves them breathless.

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Vic Liddalann said...
March 7, 2013 at 12:55 PM

4 of the actresses- Johansson, Love-Hewitt, Fox and Simpson have not seen fit to execute their celebrity obligation and do either a nude scene (topless is satisfactory) or a Playboy pictorial. Ok, we've sort of seen Scarlett's in that hacked phone photo, and others have had nip slips of one sort or other- but- they are required to show their boobs to the public. Now. Period.

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