Thursday, November 25, 2010

Food for Gentle Tummy!

For a baby, at the age of six months, breast or artificial milk is not enough, and you should slowly be introducing to her feeding solid foods. But there are foods that you should never give to a child that is younger than one year.

Parents are often are not sure as what kind of solid food they can give to a baby. Regardless of whether the mother is breastfeeding, or feeding the baby with artificial milk, the time for the introduction of other foods is from the fourth to the sixth month of baby’s life. That is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Foods should be introduced gradually into baby's diet, and it is best to start with cooked mashed vegetables such as mashed carrots, potatoes, cooked apples, bananas or pears. But, there are foods that in no way should be given to a child younger than one year. 


Honey can contain poison spores of botulism. While the digestive tract of adults is strong enough to prevent development of these spores, your baby’s is not, and life-threatening toxins may develop.

Peanut Butter

Sticky mass of peanut butter is hard to swallow. You should offer this and similar coatings to a child, when it gets a little older.

Cow's milk

Until the child reaches the age of one, stick to breast or artificial milk for infants. Babies cannot quite good digest proteins from cow's milk. In addition, it contains no nutrients that breast milk contains, and contains minerals that can damage kidneys in developing.

Foods that should also be avoided:


Baby’s kidneys are not strong enough, and the lowest amount of salt can lead to dehydration.

Foods with low fat percentage - Not recommended for children under two years.

Undiluted lemon juice, kiwi, strawberries, shellfish, raw eggs, artificial sweeteners, hot dogs, full-fat sausages and foods with added spices.

Danger of suffocation

Pea-sized bites are safest for babies. You should cut everything to this size for them, and, do not let them suck anything bigger than that. Foods that are small, but solid, like nuts, popcorn, hard candies, raisins, are not for babies, as they could to stop in their throat. This applies for soft candies also.


Doctors recommend that foods, which often cause allergies, such as those containing nuts or strawberries, are not given to babies until they reach the age of one, or even later. Introduction of a new food into the baby's diet must be gradual, with a break of several days to make sure that it does not have negative reactions. If there is a common allergy in your family, consult with the doctor about when and how to give baby foods such as cow's milk, nuts, wheat, soy, fish or eggs.

Precautions in the car

Never feed your baby in the car. Due to braking or rough road, there is a risk that a child may start to choke.

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